Engineering Growth

Engineering Growth

Leveraging on IT and business know-how, we develop together with our clients company specific business applications designed to enhance and optimize their business.

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Custom Made Software

Nexpur develops applications that are built with a robust set of features that are custom-tailored to fit your brand. These scalable, flexible, and interoperable applications can help you run your medical/healthcare business more smoothly and efficiently.
We harness the powerful data sharing capabilities by integrating third-party APIs in your current business systems. We even develop custom APIs, designed to extend your existing app’s functionality, enhance performance, and so much more.
Our Development Services ensure compliance with data security regulations.

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Mobile Applications

Mobile app development services market is growing at an incessant pace. To keep your business and product market-relevant, you need to create something that adds to the user’s power of mobility, Keeping underlying functional purpose and intent of communication served well.
Dev Technosys being the best app development company aims to deliver just that – with the right resources, cost-effective services, and mobile app development services that fit your business and user needs.
This is backed by years’ worth of experience in mobile app development offering advance, strong, and scalable solutions. We have worked across different industries, segments, niches, including global SEMs, and visionary start-ups.

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Web Platforms

We integrate disparate business systems and processes, add web service functionality to your existing applications, and synchronize data across those applications.
Whether you require a Web Development Solution developed from scratch, or a third-party integration to add to your existing app, Nexpur can get the job done quickly, effectively, and affordably.
Our developers create a database architecture to effectively collect, store, retrieve, sort, and graph all of your data in your new integrated Custom Website or Application.
We dive deep into research and analysis to uncover the most effective strategies for improving user experiences across the board.
Our specialists carefully detail out every functional and technical specification to ensure optimized usability, navigation, and functionality within your custom website or application.

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E-commerce Systems

Our solutions take advantage of more arbitrage opportunities and spot deals. Price transparency and greater automation help you to increase your agility and meet your real-time needs with the volatility in the market.
Connect with fuel supply chain partners and see real-time fuel pricing and quantities for easier fuel transactions/selling.
With our integrations transactions are fast, accurate, and automatically uploaded into your back-office systems,

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Data Engineering

We provide the architectural design for a data platform depending on your required use cases, leaving the design flexible enough to support changing requirements and new use cases in the future.
We design the platform from both the hardware and software viewpoints, considering the performance the underlying hardware can provide and the workloads that the software has to support. The technological landscape is in constant development as new hardware, cloud services and technologies open the doors for performance increases and completely new use-cases.

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On-Demand Developers

LOW-COST, HIGH PRODUCTIVITY SERVICES: No Overtime or Hidden Fees Free QA and Free Management Save 50 – 75% on Development Costs!
REFRESHINGLY UNIQUE MODEL: Transparent & Local Interaction Real-Time Collaboration & Accountability Full-Time, Dedicated Developers
ONE-STOP DEVELOPMENT SHOP: Developers Bridge Any Skillset Gap Industry-Specific Technical Teams
WORK FORHIRE SERVICES: Start within 48 Hours Long-Term Relationships 8+ Years in Business

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